Remodel Takes Kitchen Surfaces From Lackluster to Luxurious


Remodeling a Kitchen

EASY TO CLEAN - DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen swapped Shelly Hook's stubborn kitchen surfaces for shiny, sleek ones that are easy to clean. Outdated laminate countertops and grimy linoleum floors were tossed for granite and bamboo replacements, and modern appliances provided a luxurious finishing touch.

A clean kitchen is a pretty kitchen - and a satisfying sight for the one who did all the work!

Unfortunately, some kitchen surfaces refuse to shine, no matter how hard they are scrubbed. For Shelly Hook, a busy wife, mother-of-two and physician at Grace Clinic, it was her kitchen's outdated laminate countertops and linoleum floors.

Shelly guesses that the surfaces were installed when the kitchen was remodeled by a previous owner sometime in the '80s. But after 20-plus years of family foot traffic, those worn and torn surfaces had lost their luster. Despite all of her scrubbing, Shelly's kitchen didn't sparkle like it should!

"The laminate countertops always looked dirty, no matter how much I cleaned," she explains. "And the linoleum floors were grimy and peeling up in the corners. There was no way to make them look nice."

Shelly and her husband Robert decided it was time for a remodel. In addition to smooth new surfaces, they dreamed of better ways to utilize their space and a modern look that would stay stylish for years to come.

To kick-start their project, the Hooks sought help from a consultant at Lowe's, but eventually decided they needed an extra hand of experience, professionalism and knowledge to accomplish their remodel.

Conveniently, they met Steve Betts, owner of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, at a local home and garden show - and he fit the bill! The couple hired DreamMaker shortly after, and within six weeks, they were looking at a shiny new kitchen.

In addition to easy-to-clean granite countertops and bamboo floors, the Hook's kitchen gained space and style with a new island and modern appliances. Shelly loves the microwave drawer that DreamMaker built into the island, which she says is easy for her kids to use without climbing on the countertops.

The beautiful work accomplished isn't the only thing she praises, though.

"The DreamMaker crew was wonderful; extremely professional and considerate," says Shelly.

"And they had the patience of Job when we decided to make significant changes in the middle of the remodel. If we didn't like it, they worked with us to get it right, and they kept a record of our decisions in a logbook that we could easily access. Their communication with us was excellent - it showed us that they truly cared about building the kitchen of our dreams."

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