A Remodeled Kitchen to Love


A Remodeled Kitchen

Dan and Kris Radisewitz's kitchen was redesigned by DreamMaker to better accommodate the foot traffic of their family of five.

A bulky brick archway was also removed, making it easier for Kris to cook, and details like a pot filler faucet and custom wine rack helped add style and entertainment possibilities.

Before their DreamMaker remodel, Dan and Kris Radisewitz's kitchen was "alright," aesthetically. But functionally, it had many faults.

For example, a peninsula divided the kitchen in half, making poor use of the space, and a bulky brick archway built over the stove interrupted the flow of Kris's cooking.

"The walls of the archway would cut you off, where you couldn't set a plate down next to the cooktop," she says. "I really needed that extra counter space, so I could better serve meals to my family."

The Radisewitz family moved into the home last summer, and it was their real estate agent who told them about DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

"As we were looking at houses in Amarillo, we drove past the DreamMaker office, and our Realtor mentioned that if we ever needed remodeling, DreamMaker was the way to go."

"At the time, we didn't know what kind of home we would end up with. In the end, we chose the home we loved - despite the kitchen and kept DreamMaker in the back of our minds."

When they got ready to remodel, Dan and Kris remembered their Realtor's recommendation. Now, they've got a kitchen they love!

The remodel was completed in six weeks, and Kris says that although she loves the "big picture," her favorite features are in the details: the hardwood floors, the new granite countertops, the pot filler faucet, the custom wine rack, and the fact that the brick archway and peninsula are gone!

She compliments DreamMaker on their beautiful work and excellent communication, noting that they treated all of her questions as if answering each one were the most important part of their day.

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