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To start realizing your dream of a new bath, kitchen, or any other room in your home, contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Amarillo.

kitchen remodel

Night & Day Difference - Remodeled Kitchen

"No complaints!" says Tim and Barbara Lite of Amarillo, about their experience with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

The couple invited DreamMaker into their newly-purchased home in Timber Creek around this time last year with the goal of having just the kitchen updated.

bathroom remodeling

Remodel Takes Kitchen Surfaces From Lackluster to Luxurious

EASY TO CLEAN ? DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen swapped Shelly Hook's stubborn kitchen surfaces for shiny, sleek ones that are easy to clean.

Outdated laminate countertops and grimy lino?leum floors were tossed for granite and bamboo replacements, and modern appliances provided a luxurious finishing touch.

bathroom remodeling

Remodeling an Outdated Master Bathroom

"We bought the house five years ago, and the bathroom hadn't been updated since it was built in the mid-sixties. It needed a remodel badly," says Russ Heskett.

kitchen remodel

New Kitchen Design

STAY & UPGRADE ? Shane and Christine Haggard needed a kitchen that better served their large family. They considered building, but they lived their neighborhood and the rest of their home.

The couple chose to stay and let DreamMaker upgrade their kitchen into a more functional space that's also breathtakingly beautiful.

bathroom remodeling

Remodeling a Plain Bathroom

When Jeff and Sherri Gilbert of Amarillo built their new home in 2004, they went for a basic blueprint.

"It's a nice house, in a nice area, but we really didn't do a whole lot of 'fancy' things when we had it built," says Jeff. "We just planned on a basic design and thought we might update later."

bathroom remodeling

Remodeling An Outdated Kitchen

Buying a new home is exciting but it isn't without its challenges. Buyers may find a house in the right neighborhood or one at the right price, but then have to compromise on style or amenities.

That was the case when Beth George was shopping for her new home in Lubbock.

kitchen remodel

Remodeling Powerfully Pink

LESS IS BEST ? It's not that Ronnie and Donna Brauchi dislike the color pink, they just didn't want it overwhelming their entire bathroom anymore!

The couple from Pampa hired DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to turn their extremely blush bathroom into a soothing space with neutral paint tones, stone surfaces and ceramic tiles.

kitchen remodel

DreamMaker: Repair turns into delightful remodel

Tony and Kay Anderson stumbled into a remodel last November. Mr. Anderson explains that one of the tiles in their master bath had cracked and water had leaked into the wall. As they were looking for someone to repair the damages, they found DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen's advertising in the newspaper.

kitchen remodel

Dreammaker Kitchen and Bath can help you update your drab, outdated bathroom

Larry and Cheryl Birdwell purchased their home in 1997. They found their dream home and knew they would be there for the rest of their lives, there was one catch. Their 1963 home had not updated the master bathroom since the home had been built.

"The bathroom was depressing. It had carpet, and vinyl tile. It just was not a place I wanted to spend my time," explains Cheryl Birdwell.